I was born in Maine and grew up in Illinois, but spent many summers in
Nova Scotia and British Columbia, the homelands of my parents.

While at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana, I took my first art
and photography classes. I briefly concentrated on graphic design, but my
passion for art history led me to a degree in that field. I also spent a
semester abroad at Oxford Polytechnic in England during this time. My
favorite artists are the 17th Century Dutch Masters, the Impressionists
and Early American Realists.

My appreciation for beauty and nature through the use of color and
pattern can be seen in all my work. I believe that my work must first and
simply be aesthetically pleasing. I strive to also make it inspiring,
evocative and calming.

Seattle has been my home since 1992, where I enjoy the beautiful
topography and interesting people. I use many recycled materials in
my work.